There are four simple keys to unlocking your treasure but first what are the treasures of your heart. How can thoughts and words bring forth our desires.

First we need to ensure that you have clearly defined your goals. You need to be very specific in your desires and write them down so that you can meditate on the goodness of what they will bring to your life. Take some time now to clearly define just… a couple of your dreams. Be specific, Visualize them, Be thankful to God for them.  In

Are You Standing In The Place Where All His Blessings Are Pouring Out?

Are You Standing In The Place Where All His Blessings Are Pouring Out?

Romans 4:17 ….. calling those things that are not as if they were. We must Seek it, Speak it, Believe it and we shall receive it.

Now What?  Your Human and so am I, It is easy for me to tell you what comes next.  Now that you have defined your dreams ambitions and Goals .

Just when you reach out to take possession of your treasure, bars of “can’t” rise up from the floor of excuses, walls of past failures engulf you into a prison of solitary confinement with the lock of defeat bolted securely on the door.  The shadows begin to speak telling you all the reasons you can’t. “You can’t do that you’ll lose everything.” Or “You can’t do that you didn’t finish college.” “You can’t do that you just don’t have what it takes.”  You cry out in desperation, You kneel in the darkness embracing your fears.  What now?

Where is your key? On your knees remind yourself of the promise of Philippians 4:13 I can do all things thru Christ who gives me strength. Stand up and know that this prison is of your own making. You allowed your thoughts to “Snare” you. Break Free! God’s Promises are not about defeat they are about abundance. Understand that in our weakness he is strong in the dessert he brings us rain and in our sorrow he comforts us. It is said in the bible 365 times “Fear Not” If God tells us to fear not who are we to allow fear to reign in our lives? .

To discourage ourselves from fear we must acknowledge that fear is Lucifer’s faith. His Praises come from our complaints our negative beliefs about ourselves and our pain. He is a thief come to steal kill and destroy. But God made us to overcome. To not fall victim of the negatives of the world, to enjoy life that we might live it abundantly according to the promises of John 10:10.

Your Key comes in 4 parts:
Part 1: To Seek God’s Word and will in your life.
Part 2: To Speak your Faith Remember ~ Confession brings Possession, Speak abundance and life.
Part 3: Believe it. Simple enough but often where we get tripped up, Have unwavering Faith. God does not lie.
Part 4: Receive it. Know that it is already yours.
With Love In Christ, Jim

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