Enjoy Abundance Now, Empty Your Box.

Why am I here?

That is simple, To Empty My Box. To Enjoy Abundance Now, There once was a good and kind Gentleman who lived a long and fair life and then passed away and ascended to the glory of heaven. Upon arrival he was greeted by an angel, his tour guide to his new home. Understand that he was not there because of the fact that he was a good man but because he had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

He went on the tour and was in awe of all the wonders that in the past he could only imagine. Streets of Gold, Gates of Pearl…… All There for His Pleasure.  Ever so often a long the tour he would catch a glimpse of the most prestigious building like he had never seen or could have dreamed of and eventually, with curiosity nagging at his heels, he stopped his guide and inquired about the beautiful building.

The tour guide replied, “It is the Hall of Gifts but it is optional, you do not have to go there.”  She continued on with her tour.  Taking him thru magnificent gardens,  by glorious fountains making certain he knew his way. Eventually, However, his curiosity could take no more. He asked to see the building and the tour guide shook her head no seemingly exasperated and repeated “You do not want to go there and I told you it is optional”

So the Gentleman demanded ~ the tour guide relented and he raced to the building. The Hall of Gifts, had his Lord and Savior left him one there? A Welcome gift? A reward for work well done? What could it be? He raced in and saw that the gifts were all arranged on shelves in alphabetical order and began the search for his name. He became so excited when he found it that he was overwhelmed with Joy and began to dance in anticipation.

He managed to all but drag the box to a bench and sit, box on lap, savoring the moment. It must be wondrous for he had never felt a box that felt more full or heavier than this box. He examined the beauty of the wrapping paper as he peeled it away, ripped off the bow, pulled up the lid and imagine his surprise when inside the box….

He began to weep, Inside the box was every gift and every blessing that God had intended for him to have but he had been to afraid to reach for. There was a list of every person that could have been blessed if he had just had the courage to act in the face of ridicule and mediocrity. The box was full of all his missed opportunities. empty-box

So Again you ask, Why am I here and I say, I AM HERE TO EMPTY MY BOX!

With Love ! Shonta