Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty Nest Syndrome

When most people say they are suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome we picture a forlorn little nest with nothing left but Dust Bunnies Rejoicing.

Here you will find the truth about Empty Nest Syndrome……. Well the truth according to me and Mr. Rogers


Empty NEst sucks

Is that a Dirty Sock in the bottom?
Underneath you will find my Broken Heart! 



Jim (Mr. Rogers) and I only have 1 Child, Bryer, And While we are convinced that we aren’t finished growing him yet, He has decided to move out and move on.  The transition from having him here to having his empty room has not been easy.  When I left home my parents publicly rejoiced and told every one of their plans to remodel my old room. Jim actually shared a room with his brother so when he moved out the room was still occupied.  So here we are faced with the idea that we have an empty room. Remodel? I don’t think so. We talk about things like when Bryer comes home, we keep his room dusted and his “Frog” is still there in his tank. Sometimes his Dog, Chico, goes and lies on the bed all forlorn and saddened that his boy is missing. We feel his pain.

It isn’t that we do not want Bryer to grow up to go out into the world and to make his own way. We want all these things for him and more.  Have you fed a young Man? We actually have food go bad now before it gets eaten because he is not here to “clean out” the pantry or  fridge and even though Jim no longer has anyone else to blame when I ask who ate all the ice cream that’s not it …  I like yard work and DIY Projects so it isn’t that we miss him helping with those things.  So what is it?

Simply enough it is knowing that he is not here for us to protect, offer unconditional Love and enjoy his company. It’s knowing that he isn’t a little boy anymore and worrying that since we taught him to be self-sufficient to work hard and to never give up on dreams that he might be hungry or tired or overwhelmed by this new “freedom”. It is the concern that he is going to meet people who don’t have his best interest at heart or that he is going to be discouraged by people who “love him” so much they spend their time and energy tearing him down because they don’t have a dream.  We have invested life, energy and love, blood, sweat and tears, so it is difficult to let go.  We have to remind ourselves that to hold on would be a greater injustice to God, to Bryer and to what we have invested in him than letting go. As Parents we are required to trust God that his plan for our child’s  life is in motion and that God will see them through.

I pray that he stays strong in his faith, that he finds joy and peace on his journeys and that those that would discourage him, their message gets lost. That he always has plenty to eat and any trouble he faces he remembers that it is small compared to who his God is. That if doubt or worry or fear or exhaustion should meet him on his journey we are only a phone call away and will bring “back – up” to fight any threat. Our nest may be empty but our blessing are abundant and we are always here, we are always available and your room (son)  is always ready.

If your nest is empty fill your heart with God’s Love and know that if he has his eye on the sparrow he has his eye on your child  too.

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