tall grass

While I am sharing this with you this post is for my son who has had a challenging week. You gave this knowledge to me Bryer, Remember it for yourself. I love you. Mom

It was a beautiful Summer day and Bryer and I were on our way to work. He always went with me in the summer and we owned the business so he was always welcome.

On our way he seemed quiet and reflective and so I asked “Is everything alright son?”

He paused looked out the window and finally said “Mom, how do you know what inner peace feels like?”

Wow, no easy questions here. So i thought about it and finally asked “Why do you ask?”

“Well” he said “I just want to know what it feels like so I will know if I have it.”

Inner Peace. “I can tell you what it feels like to me but it feels different for everyone.”

“What does it feel like for you?” he asked.

“Remember how in the summer we lie in the front yard and watch the clouds change shape and guess what they are going to be next?”


“To me that is inner peace, Whatever else is going on in the world, no matter how much chaos is surrounding us, I can feel in my heart and soul that I am just lying in tall grass listening to the swish of the breeze rustling the blades of grass, warm sunshine shining down on my face and the smell of honeysuckle in the air. No worries, no cares just lying there barefoot  in the tall grass watching the clouds roll by guessing the next shape loving you and the world.”

“Mom, Since I accepted Jesus in my heart that’s how I feel all the time.”  He smiled, he needed a way to describe what he was feeling and now he could relate it to others.

The rest of the trip was made in almost silence. Windows down, warm summer wind blowing through the car and an occasional “Did you see the shape of that one?”

Eventually we arrived to our business and walked into a storm.  Two Employees were upset with each other and wanted to “fight it out”. The Fire Marshal was there to inspect fire extinguishers, The State Board Examiner was there to follow up on all our licenses and a Department of Revenue official had questions about our taxes.

And everyone wanted me to handle it all. I started to prioritize and delegate in my head, Walking towards the office being followed by a trail of people and in the noise I heard Bryer yell “MOM!”

Every head turned towards him, he looked earnest and oh so serious and his voice sounded out in desperation, then he smiled at me and said “Don’t let anybody Mow Your Grass!”

I got the message. It has become a mantra that I live my life by.

Nothing passes away faster than time. You only have one amazing life and it is only amazing if you choose to make it so.  Live, Love, Dance, Sing, Praise, Work, Do and Laugh. These all water and fertilize your grass, they make it grow tall and sweet.

Never be afraid of  the “what ifs” your own mind will try to trick you into believing.  Stop limiting yourself or allowing others to limit you. Thank God that you are fabulous!  Thank God that you are able to do what you do the way that you do it and share it with everyone so that they know who you are and to whom you belong. Love and pray for those that don’t know that they can be filled with joy and have inner peace too.

Understand that their wish to mow your grass stems from their own limiting beliefs and often low self-esteem. They have allowed someone else to mow  their grass. Now they want to mow everyone else’s because they don’t understand that all they need to do to grow theirs tall again is to just weed out the negative influencers.

Never listen to the people who have given up on their dreams and want to talk you into giving up on yours. Love them, Pray for them but don’t be influenced by them. Pick your field, plant your grass and refuse to let lawnmowers in.


You have to decide if your life is going to be filled with love, joy and peace. You have to choose them over everything else and then it is your responsibility to keep them.

My field is large, my grass is tall, has a sweet fragrance and makes a joyful noise in the breeze, it fills me with peace and I enjoy the “Son” shine on my face.

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