Dear Bryer,

You call me Hobbit, I don’t mind. I know the truth of  Why Hobbits Rule, or at least this Hobbit, Simply enough it all lies in one reason ~ 21 Years Ago Today, I Gave Birth To A Legend.

I knew you were going to be sassy, When you were born your first act was to urinate on the Doctor. He whined that Doctors, get no respect and everyone laughed, But I saw that you had immediately brought with you Sunshine, Joy and Laughter.

Always Shine Your Light, Find JOY in Everything.

b bday

When they lie you on my chest you snuggled into me because you already new I was an ali, Nourisher, Provider, A Protector who would fight to the death for your safety and well being. We had an immediate bond.

But I also saw that when they lay you on your tummy to clean you off, you pressed your tiny hands into the table and pushed up and looked around the room.

Always be Strong, Power Up In Jesus.

Everyone present was in awe of your strength. You were obviously strong and Fiercely independent. Even the Doctor commented on how you were able to hold up your head. He scored you a 10 on the APGAR test. A perfect baby.

*BIG SIGH…..I could have told him that.

In that moment I knew the truth, you were not mine. You belonged to God, I was the appointed caretaker, the recipient of the most amazing blessing ~ You.

I am so pleased with who you are growing into as a man and I am so thankful that you are who you are. A Leader and Lover of People, Fun, Dynamic, Amazing, Nurturing.

Always be true to who God wants you to be. Seek him in Everything.

You are getting taller and taller and more and more handsome everyday. We know that looks aren’t everything and I am so happy that you choose to establish yourself as a young man of Integrity when there are so many choices available in this world.

I watch you laugh and “goof off”  with your friends and am so impressed with the wisdom you show in listening to their ideas, acknowledging their feelings and embracing what they love.

Keep Being The Leader, Keep Being the Man they can look to to do the right and Godly thing, We need more positive role models, Never Stop.

There are so many things I remember as major events in our “growing up” that I can’t possibly name them all here but I Loved every moment. Even the not so fun ones.

When you got your shots I cried. Every time. You would always insist that I should get a sticker too. But by the time you hit your “tween Years” you would tell me to wait out side. (I still cry if I think your hurt)

I remember finding your first tooth by being bitten. The first play you were in where you got so mad at me for not sitting in the front on the floor, you cried.

I remember the next play I was on the front row and when you said your part you stopped turned to me and smiled so big! Then the teacher said you can sit down now and in complete exasperation you turned to him and said “JUST a Minute My Mom is taking my picture! ”

I remember the day “we” married Jim how in a heartbeat you went from laughter to concern I saw that you had realized our lives were about to change forever, I saw the fear, the sadness, the worry and then I saw it all change back to happiness as we talked and you realized this was changing some things but not who we were. We were just adding more joy to the recipe.

I remember our “talk” about where babies come from and how they get there and why people would want to do something like that and what the purpose of being married for that meant, you never just gave me one question at a time and they were never easy, I could never just say there are “Birds and Bees” you wanted to know how they got here and where they were going. And Did People like doing that?

I remember the first girlfriend,  Jordan in kindergarten (she taught you to tie your shoes) and the first one that broke your heart, (who shall rename nameless since they still have not recovered the body)   (JUST KIDDING)

I remember the first time I let you go away on a “Camp Trip” How I promised you that when you came home I was going to embarrass you by screeching your name and running to embrace you and kiss you all over your beautiful face and instead when the bus pulled up all your friends came running screaming my name and I endured endless amounts of slobber, hugs and pats on the head to finally get to you.

 Well Played, my Love, Well Played.

Swimming lessons, Ballroom dancing. Fencing, Tae Kwan Do, Driving lessons. Amazing Fun.

I also know that as life lessons go I have learned as much from you as you from me.

When you were in elementary school and I came to pick you up and you were in the principals office. There you stood over to the side sad, angry, frustrated at the injustice that had been thrown at you with rebellion etched into every little emotion crossing your face. When the Principal proceeded to tell me why you were in there I didn’t say a word just opened my arms and the feel of your little body wrapping around mine and shaking in tears broke my heart and I knew that the way I felt at that moment, was Exactly the way Christ feels when we are hurt and all we have to do is run into his open arms, he will always be your strength he will always comfort you.

Run To Him.

When at a dark time in my life I had become convinced that I was nothing, No favor, No power, A Waste of life, Simply nothing, breathing in valuable air on this planet. No worth in the eyes of God or man I questioned the very existence of God and you stood in the exact moment I thought the negative, hateful mean lie that the devil had told me and begin to sing at the top of your lungs……… Amazing Grace. How sweet the sound was to my ears.

He Lives, He Loves You, Don’t Believe the Lies.


I remember when you accepted Christ as your Savior and were baptized,  the youth minister threatened you with drowning if you did a “Cannon Ball” for Jesus.  ( I still think Jesus wouldn’t have minded.) I also remember offering a prayer session in the parking lot (where I come from we like to lay hands on people when we “pray”) to the Youth minister for hurting your feelings, Even Men of God make mistakes and I learned that we are all only human.

God will continue to send you positive roll models like that youth minister (aren’t you glad we let him live?)


The Light saber fights in the front yard you wearing My robe and Your friend wearing my long sweater so it would swish while y’all fought. I looked up that day laughing at y’alls’ creativeness and saw clouds that looked like Angels.

You still belong to him. HE has always taken care of you. He will continue to guide and protect you.

Awards, Words of Praise, Milestones Reached. Dances, Proms, Graduations

Remember when you called me physically hungry, it was Saturday and I could not put money in your account. I told God “Fix It your baby is hungry.” And a gentleman tipped you 20 dollars for helping him carry his groceries. You called me back to say you just ate a pound of Macaroni and Cheese.

That is God.

When things happened where you were and you weren’t sure you were going to have a roof over your head and I told God “Fix it your child needs shelter” and you lived with good friends until you could get a better  job.

That is God.

When you and your friend were on the Road with a flat tire and your friend was nearly squished and you both escaped unharmed. I pray circles of protection around you. I told God “Watch over them, Keep them Safe.” He Does.

That is God.

Everyday that you awake in the morning and have a way to get where you need to go, food, work, a place to rest.

That’s God. That’s his favor. He WILL always provide for you.

The World will tell you that life is all about you, your wants, your needs, your desires, your pleasure. All you have to do is follow the doctrines of the world. It’s a lie. It is offering you heartache and sorrow and wrapping them in pretty paper and a bow so you will believe it is a gift.

Religion says you must wear your hair like this or wear your clothes like this or act like this or talk like this if you want Jesus to Love you. That too is a lie. Be Cautious of Religion.

This Life, This Precious time that you are here on this planet is just a dress rehearsal for the main event. It is about a close, personal relationship with someone whose love for you started before you were even born and will continue throughout eternity. It is about serving a God who has no rules for his grace and mercy except to accept him. Whose love knows no boundaries, Who no matter what you say or do or how you behave or even how many times you make a mistake he will always make himself available to you. Offering You UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Today you are 21 and the world is waiting to offer you everything your physical self would ever believe to feel wonderful. It will give you definitions of everything from “beauty” to how to live the “good life.”

If you want to know the truth Study His Word.

Make your own rules.

Write your own definitions.

Never accept the worlds mediocrity as your standard.

Remember to whom you belong.

The Supernatural Power that he used to create the wonders of universe IS in you.

Use it for Good. Use it for his glory.

You will always be my Baby, ALWAYS, But the world is telling you to Be a man. It’s totally okay, I understand. I get it you want to see what you are capable of, who you can become, you want to spread your wings and soar.

Go For It. BE HAPPY! I Believe In You, You with God will do Awesome and Amazing Things.

Today as a young Man You have 2 choices before you :
follow the world, believe the lies, swallow the mediocrity and live the AVERAGE Life or
become the Epic Bad Ass for Jesus I KNOW you were born to be.

Which path will you choose?

Happy Birthday!

Love, Mom

and that Son is the reason  Why Hobbits Rule , we birth legends.

Go Climb your Mountains, Conquer your Dreams, But always be true to the humble and kind Man you were raised to be.