How to Know When Its All Oatmeal. And When To Follow Your Heart.

There is so much broadcasting done to each of us that often times as we sort through all the “Announcements” we forget where we are going and get pulled along with the crowd on someone else’s path.

Plant your feet. If we truly want to live a life of supernatural magic and joy, we must follow our on path and not just follow the crowd. Do you want in your life what the crowd has or do you dream of following your on path to your goals?

I understand why we are hurried, stressed and often frantic, our society demands that we live from our heads, be logical, when our instincts insist we follow our heart. We are pushed for time and starved of our serenity by a society that expects instant gratification.

Follow your Heart, Its All Oatmeal!

Follow your Heart, Its All Oatmeal!

I too am guilty of often thinking with my head but recently…. I remembered why it is so much more important to follow your heart.

When My Grandmother was alive we talked everyday until she was no longer able. I cannot even recount the times she called to tell me she was out of oatmeal. Yes I said Oatmeal, “Granny Zett” as we called her, Did not drive so when she called she would usually have a list of things she needed me to pick up for her. The top item on the list was always oatmeal.

Often times I would feel frustrated with having to go buy oatmeal, I remember thinking Dear God How much Oatmeal can one little old lady eat?  I worked 40 hours a week and went to College Full Time. But, I always stopped what I was doing and went to get her list. We would chat about what she was working on, Usually a quilt, She would show me patterns and designs and how to make pretty and strong stitches by hand. Sewing Machines were for sissies. I would do her shopping, come back unload and sometimes I would take the time to sit with her while she watched her afternoon “stories”

Being Older now I am so Thankful I followed my heart at those times instead of my head. When she had to leave her home to live in assisted care ( she had a stroke) We cleaned her home and to my utter surprise we found Oatmeal, And more Oatmeal… And Yes More Oatmeal. Nearly every cabinet had an unopened box of Oatmeal. And I realized She didn’t want oatmeal she wanted love and attention. She wanted to share her life experiences with a granddaughter she loved.

Now when friends or family call and I stop everything to listen or share my husband will quietly ask is this Oatmeal?  Yes Honey, It’s all oatmeal. Follow your heart. The ones you love will not always be here.


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