Married To Mr. Rogers, The Sweetest Man in the World


Married to Mr. Rogers

Jimmy Ray Rogers was Born…. a long time ago.  He loves to listen to music from John Denver, Elvis and mostly other dead people. His favorite Television shows are nearly all in black and white and he doesn’t understand why people aren’t still listening to Lawrence Welk  & watching Andy Griffith or Waltons Reruns.

Jim, Jimmy Ray, Our Mr. Rogers, Mr. Illogical

My Mr. Rogers, The Sweetest Man in The World

If you are playing Trivial Pursuit about History or Old Television shows Be on his team. If he could live anywhere he would have a hard time deciding between Mayberry and Walton’s Mountain. He believes in God, Family and Country in that Order and that Horseshoes and Bowling should be played to the death. Even on a WII. He believes that real men work hard, Keep their word and always do or give more than expected.

He will always take his hat off in respect, Stops traffic for a funeral procession, open doors for ladies and would never show up to dinner without a shirt even if it was just a hotdog. He is unconditionally kind to everyone and sees potential in all of humanity. He is passionate about the well-being of All creatures great and small with a deep affection for Dogs.   A Completely Illogical Man who believes without a doubt everything he says and does makes perfect sense.

With all of his Quirks, Quandaries and Quizzical  Attributes, (Including his belief that if he sees it once on you tube he too, can do it) He is still the most amazing Man I know. So If you choose to read Married To Mr. Rogers, Know that no one has a greater love for this man than Me and God! And anything I tell you, You must solemnly swear to not tell Mr. Rogers, the sweetest man in the world, that I told!

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With Love and Blessings!    Shonta